Recovery Services in Phoenix, AZ

New Method Sober Living LLC is an upscale recovery house for men struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. We give our residents a New Method of living to get their lives back on track and achieve long-lasting sobriety.

  • Sober Living Home

    Our all-male sober house functions according to the principle that recovery housing should provide a safe, comfortable, familial and substance-free living environment to residents who are in recovery from drug and alcohol dependence. Through supportive peer relationships and recovery services, residents are able to work toward sobriety and recovery in an environment that encourages healthy choices and behaviors and aids in long-term success.

  • 3-Phase Program

    We understand sobriety and change can be the hardest things we do in life. We developed a 3-phase program for residents to create accountability and structure that is necessary for the recovery process.

  • Building a Strong Foundation for Recovery

    Because substance abuse is a chronic and spiritual disease. A variety of support systems are necessary for residents throughout their recovery journey. We believe sponsorship in AA is VITAL and the 12 steps of AA is a proven program that has great results. We have resources and have connections to assist residents as they transition into new employment, educational opportunities, living situations and more. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

What We Offer

  • We offer a home for mature men struggling with alcohol and substance abuse addiction from all walks of life who are trying to attain sobriety
  • We offer structure in a comfortable and safe environment by adding in house meetings, camaraderie, work therapy, rules and curfew.
  • Fully furnished home, Cable TV, TV’s in every room, ping pong table, corn hole, Grill, all dishes like pots, pans, utensils, bedding, pillows, home computer, Wi-Fi, landline phone
  • All amenities and utilities are included with fees
  • Accountability, random drug and alcohol testing
  • Our house manager lives on property
  • Residents are allowed to come and go as they please, we offer comfortable day to day living.
  • Our home comes with a 3-phase entry program for new and existing residents.
  • 12 step meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous and other recovery programs are required
  • Relapse prevention and protocols
  • Residents are welcome to stay as long as they want. No time limit is required
  • We are members of Arizona Recovery Housing Association (AzRHA) and fully accredited with the Arizona Department of Health Services

Have questions about our recovery services in Phoenix, AZ?

We’d love to discuss how New Method Sober Living LLC can help you leave substances behind and get your life back on track. Reach out to us at (602) 800-5888 to learn more about our facility and programs if you’re in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, or Glendale, AZ, or take a tour of hour home.

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